What To Avoid When Moving To Spain As A Foreigner

A land full of mountains in the North and coastline with delightful beaches to its south, Spain is a country everyone dreams to visit. It is advisable for those moving to Spain to know about the culture, lifestyle, cost of living, healthcare systems, etc, of the country.

There are some of the things to avoid while moving to Spain.

Applying for a visa from Spain

A person moving to the country should start visa application procedures from outside Spain. The person should also know about the visa requirement and its validity as citizens of some countries need no visa to enter Spain.

That is because, many times, you will be limited with the residence permit alternatives once you have already entered the country, as not so many residencies can be applied while on the tourist visa (those that can are the student visa, permits under the entrepreneur law, and the visa as a family member of an EU citizen).

Purchasing a house right away

It is always good to be in a rented house for the first few months as it will give an idea about the country and where to purchase a house. Although it is more convenient and easier to purchase a house than renting, not purchasing it right away gives you time to explore and find the best home.

Being liberal with expenses

Always be financially sound while moving to the country because this country provides minimal benefits to outsiders. A portion of the reserve should be kept for health cover and schooling as the country prominently has private health insurance.

Relying only on the English language

The Spanish are not good at speaking other languages. So don’t expect them to speak English. On average, 60% of the Spaniards cannot speak English.

So it is advisable to study some phrases and words in Spanish before going to the country. Especially when it has to do with legal matters.

For that, having an immigration lawyer next to you guiding you through the whole process will avoid legal problems.

Bringing foreign-registered cars to Spain

Primarily, duties have to be paid for that and secondly, Spain is a right- hand drive country and driving left-hand drive vehicles can attract the attention of police authorities and may attract penalties as well.

Underestimating the summer

August is the month which is too hot and they shut their business and take holidays. Avoid exposure to the sun and try not to get dehydrated. This is the time the country is most visited and there will be plenty of tourists around. The crowded roads would not help you get acquainted with the new environment. So make plans so that you arrive before this time or after the summer peak is over to be more comfortable.

Choosing a lawyer or an accountant

While moving to a new country we always need their assistance for legal matters. Be careful in choosing them. Ask friends, family, locals, for recommendations.

A cheaper initial price may not be a good indicator when choosing, same with free consultations: they tend to last just 20 minutes and not be what you need to find all the answers.

To know more look for immigration Lawyers in Barcelona, who offer legal assistance throughout the whole Spanish territory.

Looking for vegetarian restaurants

It is very difficult to find vegetarian restaurants in Spain because the people over there love meat. But there are a lot of shops which sell fresh vegetables.

Early lunch or dinner

In Spain, the mealtime usually starts at 1 pm and dinner at 8 pm. So don’t go before time because you probably will not get anything.

Don’t talk about sensitive topics

It is an open-minded country that even legalized same-sex marriage. But never talk about sensitive topics like salary or politics while in Spain unless someone talks about it to you.


Spain is a country with a diverse culture and lifestyle. They are always ready to welcome the diversity of people visiting their place. It is a perfect place to enjoy life after retirement. The country makes it easier to feel free and live life to its fullest. Being cosmopolitan, it will be easy to create our social circle in the country, even without a Spaniard.



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