Rely On Elite Investigations To Save Your Company From Fraudulent Disability Claims  

People hire a private investigator agency for many reasons. Often, when the problem is out of their reach and they’re in need of professional help to uncover answers, they will contact an investigator. But, waiting too long to contact an investigator can often make the issue more complicated and end up requiring more time to solve.

One of the most popular reasons companies hire a private investigator is to investigate a disability claim. When employees file for a disability claim and it looks suspicious, a private investigator is where you can get your answers. Elite Investigations is a disability claim investigator with the knowledge and the resources to get you the answers in a legal way. Many times companies will try to find out if an employee really is disabled but their research can get them in more trouble if they do not perform it in a legal manner.

Elite Investigations are Las Vegas private investigators with the experience and knowledge to handle all disability investigations. They have access to over thousands public records and may be able to save you time and money well before performing surveillance methods. Conducting disability surveillance will mean the investigator will monitor the person’s activities day into night to prove if they are truly inactive and unable to perform their duties at work.

So trust a true professional in the field who has many connections in the Las Vegas area and has access to a legal team. Do not handle this type of investigation yourself; Elite Investigations has over 20 years of experience in the field and will handle all of the information collected and surveillance with discretion.

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