Reasons to Modify a Child Support Agreement

The majority of those who get into marriages or other forms of serious unions do so with very pure intentions. Most relationships are founded on the premise of love, trust, and unwavering support. Nobody anticipates divorce at the initial stages. Even though once in a while couples or partners might experience tension in their relationship, a deep desire to work things out overrides the overwhelming temptation to quit.

Divorce usually comes as a last option for a good number of couples. It’s especially harder where a child or children are involved. This is so because one parent must always suffer the pain and agony of being separated from their child or children. As heartbreaking as this process might be, in some cases, it is inevitable given the complex nature of the grievances at hand. It would make no sense to remain in a relationship characterized by; Violence, unfaithfulness, and irresponsibility.

According to research findings on the major causes of divorce in virtually every society, the issues mentioned in the concluded paragraph stand out as chief reasons for divorce. Divorce itself is traumatizing, and getting yourself on the wrong side of the law by not paying attention to child support arrears can be more injurious. It is important to get child support arrears dismissed through available legal procedures.

Child support is obviously a subject of great significance to divorcees who have remained with the duty of raising their child or children differently. Both parents, i.e., the one with primary custody rights and the other parent, would be interested in knowing their stake in their children’s lives. Items to be considered in the entire child support package would include;

  • Health insurance.
  • Education.
  • Daycare and special needs.
  • Custodial parent’s income.

 Why would you want to modify a child’s support agreement?

It is always the wish of every parent to adequately support their child or children by paying for their expenses. Despite differences between the parents, a child is always entitled to receive the best form of care commensurate with his or her parent’s living standards. Several things might make the paying parent or custodian parent want to modify the child’s support agreement.

Decrease in income

A decrease in income would mean that the paying parent is not able to continue meeting monetary requirements as per the initial agreement. They would then request for a reduction in the amount to be remitted until such a time that their financial position is improved. If a judge finds such a request sincere, in that the decrease in income was not contributed in any way by the contributing parent, he or she will grant this request.

New expenses for child or change in child’s residence

As a child grows, additional expenses begin to surface. They come in the form of higher school fees or new health conditions requiring frequent medical attention or consultation. In such a scenario, that parent with custody has the right to launch a complaint by requesting an upward adjustment of the other parent’s contribution.

New family responsibilities for either of the parents

If, as a custodian parent, you have proof to show that your ex-partner’s income has significantly increased since the time the two of you made a child support agreement, then you have every right to request for an upward adjustment so that the child’s living standard is equally uplifted.

However much every parent would want to give their children the best, once, in a while, difficult moments visit them and render them incapable of adequately meeting their obligations. It is within reason to request leniency or consideration as you navigate these tough times.


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