Minimize the chance of storm damage to your Florida property:

If you are fixing up your home or building a home, it’s important to consider damage prevention methods that you can use to keep your property at its best. Building codes in Florida will take hurricanes into account but you will need to protect your home in order to prevent damages and the potential need to file for fixing these damages with your insurance company.

A little bit of prevention can work to make sure that your insurance rates in Florida don’t need to go up and that you may qualify for a discount insurance rate based on the construction materials in your home. Here are some top tips to minimize the chance of storm damage on your Florida property:

Choosing concrete and cinder block for walls:

Simple sheetrock can be an affordable option four your home but choosing a solid exterior concrete wall with reinforcement can help to protect you from storms. Choosing this construction option can protect your property from fire, flooding and more.

Using water protection on your roof:

Polyurethane foam spray can be an excellent maintenance tool for managing your roof. Choosing polyurethane foam spray on the underside of your roof can be an excellent way to ensure that leaks can be prevented. Although this may not prevent all instances of water damage, it can work at minimizing your chance for damage before a storm.

Upgrading windows:

Upgrading your regular glass windows to storm windows can be a great way to keep your home secure during a hurricane or tropical storm. Getting shutters or boarding up vulnerable windows before bad weather can also prevent damage.

Look for higher ground:

Homes that are built on higher ground will often fare better against flooding. Beachfront property is nice but it can be for the highest risk for flooding and storm surge impacts. Choosing to build your home on higher ground or purchasing a home that is on higher ground can be a wiser choice.

If the worst-case scenario does happen and you need the assistance of a professional insurance attorney, contact us today to learn more.

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