Gym Accident Claims

Over 4 million people in the UK hold a gym membership. It’s part of many people’s daily routine to get fitter and healthier. We don’t often consider how dangerous a gym can be. It’s a place full of heavy lifting equipment and complex machinery that if not used correctly or found to be faulty due to poor maintenance can cause serious harm.

Staff at gyms should be trained on using all the equipment and in turn, they have to make sure gym users are given appropriate training on how they should use the equipment, so they do not harm themselves while exercising. If the equipment is used incorrectly and you were not given appropriate coaching on using that machine you could get seriously hurt and claim compensation for your suffering.

What Are The Most Common Gym Accident Claims?

Many types of accident could occur in a gym environment as specialist personal injury solicitors, these are the most common cases we deal with:

Injury caused by faulty equipment

Receiving no advice or poor advice or training on how to use the gym equipment

Hazards including spills and weights not being cleared away

If you’ve sustained an injury at a gym it may have affected your life in many ways, not just your activity at the gym. You might have had to have hospital treatment and time off work to recover resulting in loss of earnings. If the accident was not your fault you may feel angry and lost that you cannot live life as you used to. As gym accident claim specialists we can help you get the compensation you deserve.

What Should I Do If I’ve Had A Gym Accident?

The first and most important thing you should do is seek medical advice. Even if you feel the injury is minor initially it could quickly manifest and getting checked out sooner reduces the risk of long term damage occurring. No amount of compensation can make up for a life long injury that could have been avoided.

You should also make the staff at the gym aware of the accident and how it happened. Make sure they record the details in an accident book. If for any reason they do not, write to the gym by email with a detailed account of the accident, so there is a paper trail to show they are aware of the accident.

Take photographs of both your injury and the cause of the accident. This will help you recount the details later if necessary. Also, if there were any witnesses to the accident, aim and record their details as well. The gym will likely have CCTV coverage and if you are injured you have the right to ask for the footage of the accident.

Lastly, consult a solicitor experienced in handling gym accident claims. They will discuss your case in detail and advise if you are likely to be awarded compensation and how much is possible. Most gym accident claims can be set up on a no win no fee basis, this means your solicitor will carry the cost risk and if you do not win any compensation no fee will be payable.

Our team of no win no fee gym accident claims solicitors offer a free no obligation consultation, even if you are not sure if you want or need to make a personal injury claim it’s advisable to talk through the options available to you. If after your initial consultation we believe you have a strong case and if you are happy to go ahead we can start the claims process and represent you. You have upto three years after the date the accident happened to make a claim, it’s advisable to seek legal advice as early as possible if you are considering making a claim.

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