What Is A Family Law Attorney?

What exactly is a family law lawyer? Is there really a distinction between a family lawyer and a family attorney? The simple answer is yes. The legal term, divorce, contemplates that separation of marriage, but family and divorce lawyers typically also handle other matters besides divorce. Divorce, for example, often has a financial implication.

A family lawyer can help his or her clients navigate the process of obtaining custody of their children, arranging for alimony, and, in some states, determining the amount of child support to be paid. In some cases, family lawyers may be able to negotiate a lower amount of child support payment on behalf of their clients. Family lawyers like Kohlmeyer Hagen Law Office, Chtd provide an essential service to their clients, who often cannot adequately provide it for themselves.

  • If a person in legal trouble feels that they have been mistreated during the course of their legal proceedings, it is likely that they will consult with a family lawyer as well. In a civil case, lawyers are often hired to represent the defendant (or plaintiffs), rather than the plaintiff (or defendants). In a criminal case, however, criminal lawyers are commonly referred to as public defenders.
  • Private attorneys may be retained for some cases, such as employment litigation, whereas family and divorce lawyers may be employed on a contingency basis. Some family law firms, however, are required by law to retain only those attorneys who meet certain requirements.
  • Before engaging a family lawyer, it is important to ensure that he or she is an expert in the particular area of law that you need represented. Family lawyers specialize in a certain area of law, and their success in their particular field of practice can depend greatly on whether or not they are skilled in that area of law.
  • In addition, family lawyers should have a good clientele and experience in representing clients who have similar legal concerns, such as a partner with whom the client has been having difficulties in a joint venture, or the spouse or ex-spouse of a client with whom the client is involved in a domestic dispute.

When there are personal problems, like children, partners in a relationship, or a marriage crisis between individuals, it is very important to have a reliable legal representative on your side, family and/or professional legal team. A family lawyer can be an indispensable member of your family, providing a valuable service, advice, and the representation necessary to overcome obstacles that may face you.


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