Should You Hire a Personal Injury Attorney for a Work Related Accident?

First, it’s important to keep in mind that if your injuries are definitely not work-related, you cannot file a claim for work-related injuries and if the injuries are work-related, not everyone will need to hire a lawyer. If your injuries aren’t serious, require extensive medical treatments, require long periods of time off work, or cause a permanent disability, it’s typically recommended that you contact a worker’s compensation attorney. The worker’s compensation system is fairly easy for employees to navigate and if your claim is straightforward, or won’t be disputed, you may be able to handle the claim on your own. Unfortunately, not all work-related injuries are that simple to take care of and employees suffer an injury that requires them to make a claim outside of worker’s compensation, which is where Saeedian Law Group will be beneficial.

When an Attorney is Necessary

In almost any situation that results in a dispute with insurance companies, you should consider hiring a personal injury attorney to represent you. If the insurance company is challenging you, you’ll need to gather evidence to prove your injuries were the result of someone else’s negligence. Some common examples of when it’s best to have personal injury representation may include:

  • The claim is denied by an insurance company-There are a number of reasons why an insurance company may deny your claim. For instance, the insurance company may claim that your injuries aren’t work-related or that the claim was filed too late.
  • Permanent disability is being disputed-Permanent disability settlement awards and benefits are calculated according to a permanent disability rating. If the insurance company doesn’t agree with the rating that was assigned by your doctor, you may need to have an independent medical examination, with a doctor they choose. The independent medical examination doctor may assign a lower rating, which results in you receiving less in benefits. An attorney may be able to help you get an appropriate rating and a fair settlement.
  • Claiming preexisting conditions are the cause of injury-If you have a preexisting condition or injury that involves the same part of your body that was injured at work, the insurance company may place blame for your injuries on your previous condition instead of being work-related.
  • Struggling to get the necessary treatment-An insurance company may deny or delay approval for medical treatments, especially expensive treatments, such as surgery. An attorney may be able to put pressure on the insurance provider to approve the required medical treatments and in a timely manner.
  • Your ability to work is affected-If you aren’t able to ever work again, or if you must change careers because of the injuries you sustained in a work-related accident, your attorney may be able to assist you with the appropriate process.

If you have a worker’s compensation hearing because the insurance company is refusing to settle or they have made lowball settlement offers, you will need to prove your case at the hearing, so you will need an experienced lawyer to represent you.


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