How to make your hallway feel fresh and inviting

For many, a hallway is a route into their home. It’s not a room as such – it’s a pathway.

This manner of thinking means that many hallway interiors are downplayed or even worse, neglected. They are something that are considered at the very end of a renovating journey, with many suggesting that they hold little impact.

Well, today we’ll try and change this way of thinking. Done correctly, and a hallway can transform a person’s first impressions as they enter your home. Want to know how? Let’s get going.

  1. Make your hallway feel like a room. The first thing you need to do is change the way you think about your hallway. It’s not just a route into other rooms, it’s an area in its own right and should be treated as such. This means that when decorating or designing, try and make it look as good as any other room in the house – if not better!
  2. Color co-ordination is key here! The next step then is to choose colors for your walls that will match with all of the rooms on either side of them (and also the floors). You want to create continuity throughout each part of your home so this will help give a sense of unity between each space. Don’t forget though, you can always add splashes of color elsewhere too – but these are best kept away from hallways where they may clash with adjacent spaces!
  3. Consider wallpaper. Hallways are often narrow and therefore don’t have much wall space available for hanging pictures or mirrors. However, there are still plenty of ways around this problem: how about using something like wallpaper? Wallpaper creates instant impact and really helps define an area without taking up valuable floor space; even better than that though, it doesn’t cost very much at all!
  4. Add some plants to your hallways walls. They’ll add color and life to what can often be a very sterile environment. Our recommendation is Avas Flowers, but your choices are endless. There is some excellent hallways inspiration the Avas Flowers social page, and we found some good Avas Flowers discount codes over here if you’re serious about adding a flash of life to your space.
  5. Think about lighting too! You’ll want to ensure that your hallway is well lit, but you don’t want it to be so bright that it feels like a hospital ward – or worse still, an airport terminal! A good tip here is to use lots of light bulbs with lower wattage and therefore less glare. There’s more info here.
  6. Use a runner down the middle of the hallways floor for extra impact. This is a great way to create an instant divide between the living room and kitchen on one side, and the hallway itself. A runner can also be used in other areas of your home too – such as stairs or landings.
  7. Use an area rug to define the space even further. This is a great way of creating contrast between the hallway and other rooms, whilst also adding warmth and comfort too! It obviously has a slightly different impact than a runner rug, but your choice will largely depend on the size of your hall, and how it is situated in relation to other rooms.
  8. Consider using a mirror along one wall of your hallway to reflect light into dark corners. Mirrors are not just for bathrooms after all! You could even use them creatively by hanging them at different angles or placing them opposite each other so that they make the space feel bigger than it actually is. Again, there is more information and tips over here.



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