How to Avoid a DUI Charge

DUI charges are a challenge to deal with and this is true for even a first offense. There are ways to reduce or eliminate charges completely. After the initial detainment and bond is set, get legal consultation and representation as soon as possible.

Sobriety Tests

What will get you’re pulled over in the first place? If it looks as though your driving skill is impaired and a police officer sees it as a potential danger, they do have probable cause to pull you over.

You might think you are caught for sure then, If you can’t pass the test, you are going to jail for a DUI charge. Even though this sobriety test along with a breath test indicates intoxication, there are still ways for you to avoid a DUI charge.

Examples of How a DUI Charge Can Be Avoided

There is never any guarantee that you can fully avoid a DUI charge. First, secure the services of an experienced DUI lawyer such as those you would find at Romano Law, P.C.

A primary way to get out of DUI charges is to see if the charges are worthwhile. In certain cases, the prosecution may choose not to file charges. If there is any lack of evidence or any blatant rights violations.

Your lawyer may also find ways to convince the prosecution to drop the charges. Though this is rarely successful, it is a loophole to consider if there is a possibility.

When your attorney files a motion to suppress it is a good way to get the odds in your favor. This means that certain evidence and testimonials are suppressed and will not be considered in court.

Full Perspective

To truly gain a full perspective on the ins and outs of your DUI situation is to hire the legal services of a professional.

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