How Do I Find a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Severe injuries can be physically and psychologically challenging, especially if you weren’t to blame for what happened. Right after an injury, it’s vital that you get properly diagnosed and treated with prompt medical assistance, as more serious damage such as spinal cord injuries may result in lifelong disability.

Depending on the situation at hand, you might want to claim your case before it’s too late for you to get the compensation you deserve for a healthy recovery. The definition of personal injury may vary across the country, and therefore should be carefully considered before you decide to contact an attorney for personal injury claims.

What counts as personal injury?

In the state of California, you are eligible for a personal injury claim in case of negligence and harm inflicted by the responsible party, which might result in hospitalization and high costs in order to cover the damage. Personal injury includes several cases:

  • Slip and fall accidents: this kind of injury is very common, but it’s not any less eligible for a claim. Contact an attorney if the fall resulted in wounds, head injuries, broken limbs, or psychological damage.
  • Medical malpractice: Professional malpractice regards not only practitioners, but institutions (hospitals, clinics, etc.). Cases include misdiagnosis, surgical error, and failure to properly medicate or diagnose a patient, all of which may cause physical/psychological damage, financial problems, and even death.
  • Dog bite accidents: If a dog bite or attack leads to physical harm and requires medical assistance that take a toll on your expenses, the dog owner is responsible for their negligence.
  • Car accidents: a car accident is considered as personal injury if the liable driver was negligent (in an unhealthy mental state, drunk, intoxicated) and caused harm to the other party, whether physical, psychological, or financial.

Regardless of which of the above cases you fit in, it’s recommended that you contact an attorney who knows relevant, local laws (i.e. if you have an accident in Los Angeles, you’d want an OC injury lawyer). You should do so at your earliest convenience to expedite the proceedings and get the most out of your deserved compensation.

Can I hire any type of lawyer for my accident?

You could hire any lawyer to claim personal injury, but it won’t be your best choice. Firms that are certified and specialize in personal injury only represent victims in relevant cases, meaning their work is geared towards solving your problem with targeted expertise.

As opposed to a general practice lawyer, a specialized lawyer only deals with cases like yours, which increases your chance of being fully indemnified by a great percentage. Never go with an attorney who treats your case like any other, but one who looks to fully understand your situation and solve it with proficiency and responsiveness.

When searching for a potential lawyer, research injuries that are similar to (if not the same as) your own injuries. People who have undergone what you have and had their cases handled responsibly will have good recommendations, so keep an eye out. Don’t forget to keep award-winning firms and specialized lawyers first in your reach-out list.

What will a personal injury lawyer do for me?

If you’re counting on insurance companies to fairly compensate you for your accident, forget about it: their tactics are unfair, and they won’t pay what you’re entitled to. If there’s one reason reputable law firms won’t represent them, that’s it.

If you choose to address the case yourself, you’ll have to do a lot of work that you’ll be unfamiliar with: things like police reports, piles of paperwork, and the limitations resulting from your accident.  An injury lawyer will take this weight off your shoulders. They will not only represent and fight for you in court if necessary; they’ll make sure your compensation is exactly what it needs to be.

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