Foolish Legal guidelines in Virginia

Anyone that is ever regarded by way of something handed by a legislative physique has possible seen plenty of unusual issues included that had little or nothing to do with the primary invoice or legislation. These riders are sometimes included to appease a small constituency and do not all the time have a giant or lasting influence. Generally these riders come within the type of cash for a state or district, and typically they arrive within the type of guidelines and legal guidelines which are quote usually, to be frank, foolish. Listed here are among the foolish legal guidelines which have managed to make it on the books in Virginia, even when just for a short while.Politics As Common?

That is one which simply makes you shake your head. There’s a state legislation “prohibiting corrupt practices of bribery by any person other than candidates.” This feels like the kind of legislation corrupt politician acquired handed to assist themselves retain their workplace in opposition to a greater, extra morally pure candidate.

No Tickle Events

I would prefer to suppose that this legislation was the results of a extra conservative time within the state’s historical past, however I actually cannot consider any cause to go a legislation that makes it unlawful to tickle girls. Possibly there was a tickle bandit, however I think puritan fingers are guilty for this legislation.Searching Season

There was a legislation in Virginia making it unlawful to hunt for any animal on Sunday, with the only exception of raccoons, which can be hunted till 2 AM.Apparently whoever handed this legislation did not really feel that raccoons had been actually one in all God’s creatures and thus unfit of his safety on Sundays.Clear Your Mule

This must be an outdated legislation as I believe it is honest to say that no one has tried this in a while. In Culpepper it was made unlawful to scrub a mule on the sidewalk. I actually hope this is not a current legislation as it might be an excessive amount of for my thoughts to deal with.Costume For the Hour

This legislation is clearly one thing of an antiquity, nevertheless it nonetheless makes you wish to know the reasoning behind it. There was a legislation on the books in Norfolk, Virginia that required girls to put on a corset after sunset and to be within the firm of a male chaperone.Civility is Key

This legislation possible goes again to a time after we put extra of a premium on civility in direction of one another. There was enacted a legislation in Prince William County that made it unlawful to cuss about one other particular person. Possibly this additionally made gossip extra civil as properly.Who Will get the Tab?

I am working beneath the belief that this legislation was handed in response to playing points in relation to eating places, although I might be approach off base.In Richmond, a legislation was handed making it unlawful to flip a coin in a restaurant to see who pays for a espresso. I am unsure why espresso alone was singled out on this legislation, nor am I conscious of a historical past of espresso and playing going hand in hand.

Warning! Girl Driver!

Because it has by no means, to the very best of my information, been unlawful for girls to drive on this nation, I actually do not know what to make of this one. In Waynesboro a legislation was handed making it in opposition to the legislation for a girl to drive a automobile up Most important Avenue until her husband was strolling in entrance of the automobile waving a pink flag. Did this imply that single girls could not drive on Most important Avenue in Waynesboro? I recognize a feminine driver joke right here and there inside cause, however this appears to be taking the notion to extra.Solely the Tip of the Iceberg

That is only a small sampling of the foolish legal guidelines that you will discover not solely in Virginia, however throughout the nation. Whereas some might have reasoning behind them, in the long run they appear frivolous, though to today lots of them stay on the books of many states, cities, and counties.

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