Common Issues Encountered In Divorce Cases

Each day, courts all over the world receive several thousand petitions for divorce proceedings. These divorces are much more than just two partners going apart. Though on the outside, divorce may appear to be a simple straight forward process; in reality, they are fraught with challenges and complications.

The leading specialized law firms, such as the Lawrence Law Office, deal with hundreds of divorce-related complications in a single year. In fact, the experienced attorneys can point out the possible conflict areas simply by studying the literature of your case. Unless you have a favorable settlement, your divorce could have a long term impact on your personal, social, and financial condition.

Understanding Challenges

If you are a first time petitioner for divorce, it is quite possible that you will not be prepared for all the ugly turns that your case can take. However, if you are mentally prepared beforehand or if you can identify the problematic areas, you can face the questions better and select the right lawyer to represent your case.

Given here is a list of some common problems encountered in divorce proceedings:

Child Custody: If you have children out of your marriage or have adopted a child with your former partner, the first major issue that you are likely to face is child custody. Being the biological father or mother does not mean that you will naturally gain rights over your child. The court will try to pass the judgment, keeping in view the best interest of the children. So, if you do not have the divorce on mutual terms or if you do not share a good relationship with your spouse, it is likely that their team of lawyers may try to prove that you are not capable as a parent.

Child Support: Most people live with the notion that child custody and child support mean the same thing. But in reality, it is not so. Even though the child custody may be stripped off from you, you are still liable to pay for your child’s various expenses. Coming to a mutually agreed sum often proves to be quite difficult unless you have an experienced lawyer by your side.

Property Division: The next major area of dispute in divorce cases are property. This includes both the joint properties and the ones that you own privately. The experienced lawyers at Lawrence Law Office assist you in the settlement terms so that the division can be made without adversely affecting any partner’s financial health.

Divorce Alimony: If your partner is dependent on you, you may be liable to pay a regular sum of money as alimony. Conversely, if you are dependent on your partner, you are entitled to an alimony sum to meet your expenses and maintain your living standard. Agreeing on this sum often turns to be difficult as each party tries to carve out a sum keeping only their best interests in mind.

All of the above problems can be tackled with ease, if only you have the right lawyer by your side. As the lawyers interact on each partner’s behalf, you can skip many of the unpleasant discussions and part in better terms.

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