5 things to know while looking for a reliable DUI attorney in Fresno

Drunk driving has always been a serious offense in Fresno. Not only the accused will be subjected to up to $20,000 in fine but will also have to face imprisonment and license suspension. Thus, if you ever get pulled over and arrested on DUI charges, don’t delay to consult a reliable Fresno DUI Attorney. The drunk driving laws are extremely perplex. And only a veteran attorney who routinely handles DUI cases will be able to achieve the best defense for you. However, not every DUI attorney that you see around will be suitable for you. Thus, here is a short stint on the 5 key things to take note of while you are looking for a credible drunk driving attorney.

Great industry reputation

Strong reputation is the live testimony of an attorney’s prowess in structuring the best defense possible. Thus, make sure your chosen attorney boasts of great reputation as a DUI expert in Fresno. It’s great if the lawyer is a nationally-recognized expert and has been referenced in various esteemed media channels.

Check out experience, qualifications and expertise

Try to find a reputed DUI attorney who is backed by minimum 10 years of experience in handling drunk driving cases. As mentioned earlier, DUI laws are extremely complex. It takes years of experience to discover the best defense tactics to make the related laws work in your favor.

Then there are some specific qualifications that you should pay heed while choosing a credible DUI attorney:

  • Certified field sobriety practitioner as per NHTSA standards
  • Certified field sobriety instructor as per NHTSA standards
  • Successful completion of Drug Recognition Evaluation Course
  • Membership with California DUI lawyers association
  • Membership with National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

Look for an attorney who has worked on around 1,000 DUI cases.

Robust track record

This is certainly one of the most important tips to keep in mind while looking for a reliable DUI attorney.

The actual proof of the capability of a lawyer lays in the outcome of cases handled. The best lawyers in the County are usually backed by a winning track record. You should always ask your lawyer for references of previous clients. This way, you can contact them personally and gather a fair idea about the real-time experience of working with the lawyer. A reliable lawyer won’t have qualms in revealing the contact details of his previous clients.

Successful trial experience

At times DUI cases might reach to trial before the jury. Trial at courts is usually common if the incident involves a serious injury or accident of another party. In such situations, you have to look for a lawyer who is widely experienced in aggressive trials of DUI cases.

Easy communication

A trusted lawyer will generally assure easy communication with him over variety of communication channels. He will even be available to clients beyond office hours. Moreover, the best lawyers are always in touch with clients and update them about every development in the case.

If you find yourself under DUI charges, we can help you to achieve the best defense.

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