If I Do Not Contest the Divorce, Will I Lose Everything?

There will inevitably be conflict in a divorce but constant battling can take its toll, both mentally and emotionally. You may want to make the process of ending your marriage less contentious with an uncontested divorce, but perhaps you have questions.

What Does it Mean?

As the name implies, an uncontested divorce is one in which both parties agree to end the marriage. If you and your spouse can settle the big issues — child custody, property division and financial support — you are on the way to streamlining your divorce.

Why Choose Uncontested Divorce?

One major advantage of uncontested divorce Tampa is that it follows a shorter timeline than a court battle, which tends to lower costs as well. Avoiding court can also help you, your spouse and your children maintain privacy regarding your marriage and divorce.

Who is on My Side?

Just because you and your spouse do not appear before a judge in formal litigation does not mean you have to go it alone. You can and should seek professional help. Some states or nonprofit entities may offer free legal services but most stop short of offering advice. An attorney experienced in family law may provide the best guidance, and will advocate for you as you make the difficult decisions ahead.

What Can I Gain?

In addition to saving time and money, avoiding a trial can give you greater control over the outcome. You and your spouse make all the decisions rather than letting a judge issue the final ruling. You may feel empowered as you stand up for yourself and work to get what you deserve. You will likely gain a deeper understanding of the divorce process, resulting in greater peace of mind when it is over.

An uncontested divorce is especially beneficial if children are involved, as it reduces the conflict to which they may otherwise be exposed. Negotiating your divorce can pave the way for a better working relationship in the future as parenting partners.

What Might I Lose?

Choosing an uncontested divorce does not mean you agree to everything the other party asks. If you approach the process unprepared you may indeed end up with regrets. Remember that the decisions you make now can have a huge impact on your future, especially the money decisions. Enter the process with a thorough understanding of your financial situation. Familiarize yourself with your state’s laws regarding marital property. Locate state calculators for alimony and child support if appropriate. Prepare as if your future depends on it, because it does.

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